Victory gardens used to to be a thing of the past but they are more important now than ever. They started in world war 2 to combat hunger and poverty and now we can start them to combat the coronavirus (covid 19)take the strain off of the food system, keep you busy while under quarantine, and allow us to leave food at the stores for people that can not start their gardening journey. Please stay safe and let us know if we can help you with your gardens.


Learn to Grow. Grow for Change.


We have decided to do a new segment every other week where we talk about what is going on in our gardens. Give shout outs to those who need it and make any announcements instance we we announced our new gardening competition that we are going to be doing. WHAT a gardening competition..... it is a friendly contest between Batavia and I in one of our garden beds and it has to be a square foot garden. Best of all when it is all done the views on our YouTube channels will decide the winner.


Learn to Grow. Grow for Change.

IN this episode we talk about the 6 tools we think you must have for your garden that will make gardening easier on you and make it more enjoyable. Well as you may already know at least 6 tools...

In this episode we talk about the coronavirus but more importantly what crops to grow to get the most out of your money. This is a trying time and gardening can help you get through the outbreak and bring some joy to your life. Pease every one stay safe and let us know if you have any questions about your garden.

Gardening does not have to be expensive and we are here to help you with that. These 6 tips will help you save money in your garden!

This is a different kind of episode. Batavia wanted to know more about the movie so she asked to interview me about it. This is a different kind of gardening documentary and we talk about how the movie came to light and what having a garden means to us. She asks questions such as is this going to be about how to start a garden or is this for beginner gardens only? I truly hope you enjoy and you can begin to see why we thought it was time the world got a movie dedicated to the average person that has or wants a garden in their own backyard.


Learn to Grow. Grow for Change.

In this episode we go over in detail how to build any kind of garden you want. anything from in ground, raised beds, containers, and even square foot gardens. Keep an eye out for my square foot garden test this year! Gardening is not as difficult as people think and we want to help you make that next setp in your vegetable gardening journey.

A special announcments for today! First we have a new co host and that is Batavia with B_betta Garden! We are going to be giving away free seeds on our instagram for a few weeks so come check us out and enter at www.Instagram.comackyardgardensthemovie

Finally we have started to produce a gardening show on youtube so please come by and check us out on youtube at or you can search us out and the name is yup you guessed it backyardgardens themovie. 

Brijette from San Diego Seed Company joins us today to tell us how to be successful with starting your seeds. San Diego Seed Company is a family run organic farm in San Diego California with 120 varieties of seeds. We use them at our home and in our movie and we love them! 

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Workshops by San Diego Seed Company:

Batavia from b_bettagarden is an instagram gardener and has an undeniable passion for gardening in an urban enviroment. In this episode she tells us about how her garden grew to the size it is today and how she grows in not only her backyard, but also the FRONT YARD! Truly inspirational on how she grows and how patience is the key.

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